A portrait of a lady

Oil paint was relatively new to Italy at the time, having been introduced in the s. The subject has been identified with reasonable certainty as Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Leonardo's employer, Ludovico Sforza. Her father served for a time at the Duke's court.

A portrait of a lady

Little-known facts about our First Ladies Their daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph served as White House hostess, and was the first to give birth in the presidential mansion in Washington, D.

Elizabeth Monroe, James Monroe's wife ended the custom of a president's wife making the first social call on the wives of other officials in Washington - and the insulted women boycotted her White House receptions.

The Fat Lady

She played the harp, wrote satirical plays and raised silkworms. She died after Jackson was elected president but before his inauguration. She never lived in the White House because her husband died a month after his inauguration.

Their daughter-in-law Jane Harrison served as White House hostess for the shortest time—30 days. Their daughter Letty Tyler Semple and daughter-in-law Priscilla Cooper Tyler served as White House hostesses until Tyler eloped with his second wife, Juliawho became the first photographed first lady.

When she lived in the White House, she refused to serve as hostess, giving that role to their daughter Betty Taylor Bliss.

A portrait of a lady

She died three weeks after leaving the White House, and her husband later married Caroline Fillmore, a widower who was wealthier than he was. Two months before his inauguration, Mrs. Pierce was overtaken with grief and depression when she witnessed the gruesome death of their only living son in a train accident.

She never completely recovered from the trauma.

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An avid art collector, Lane upon her death bequeathed her collection to the Smithsonian Institution, which today includes the National Gallery of Art. Instead, their daughter Martha Patterson, served as White House hostess.

Martha also milked cows at the White House every morning. Julia Grant, Ulysses S. Lucy Hayes, Rutherford B. Lucretia Garfield, James A. Ellen Arthur, Chester A.

She was the second first lady to die in the White House. After her death, her husband married her social secretary and niece Mary Dimmock Harrison. Florence Harding, Warren G. She also was accused of poisoning her husband, who died during his third year in office.

She also spoke Chinese fluently. Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Bess Truman, Harry S. Mamie Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Jacqueline Kennedy, John F. She also won an Emmy Award for her television tour of the White House. She also founded an alcohol and drug treatment center in California that bears her name.

Barbara Bush, George H. Senate, and to seek the presidency. Laura Bush, George W. Her causes included Let's Move, Which targeted childhood obesity, and aid for military families.Frederic Malle is a true perfume connoisseur and creator of the Editions de Parfums niche” fragrances without compromise" collection.

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Isabel Archer (Nicole Kidman) is a young American woman who, after the death of her parents, has been sent to 43%. The Fat Lady was a portrait, who guarded the entrance to Gryffindor Tower at Hogwarts Castle. She asked for passwords before she let anyone in, then swang her picture backward so that students could enter through a portrait hole.

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Little-known facts about our First Ladies Martha Washington, George Washington’s wife was the first to be given the title “lady” by the press, as in “Lady Washington,” and the first wife of a president to appear on U.S.

postage stamp.

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