An analysis of america as world power

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An analysis of america as world power

What causes its leaders to channel national resources and direct the sentiments of the populace toward a position of prominence in the international arena? Why do some countries build large armies and navies and become entangled in political matters far beyond their borders?

Can a theory be developed that accounts for such actions, and will the theory be strong enough to be used as a means of predicting future actions? These matters are ones political scientists mull over routinely, and the writings that fill journals such as Foreign Affairs and International Affairs provide what seem to be endless answers to these and similar questions.

Consequently, any scholar adventurous enough to produce a new work on the subject must be grounded on a considerable body of scholarship, in both political theory and history. Fortunately, Fareed Zakaria is particularly well qualified for the task. An editor for years with Foreign Affairs, he brings to his analysis a command of previous scholarship that few others might claim.

In From Wealth to Power, he takes as his starting point the fact that the United States rose dramatically from a minor trading partner with Europe and Latin America to a world power—perhaps the predominant world power—in less than half a century.

As a consequence, for the educated general reader, From Wealth to Power may well seem to be two books: The introductory chapters on political theory seem to be directed at specialists in the field.

He offers insights into the limitations of the two traditional theories used to describe the conditions under which a state determines to expand its political interests: These he finds fundamentally different: The United States has been a kind of poster child for classical realists who claim economic growth demands international expansion.

Even before he examines the case of the United States in the late nineteenth century, however, Zakaria argues that neither theory is sufficient to explain fully the peculiar situation that, in his view, has driven many countries toward expansion, either in territory or influence.

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Instead, Zakaria proposes his own theory, a modified version of ideas espoused by early theorists Otto Hintze and Leopold von Ranke: Proponents of this theory argue that there is a distinction between the nation and the state: The former describes the people and the resources available within a given geographic area, while the latter more accurately represents the political infrastructure set up to govern within that region.

Hence, Zakaria believes it is not sufficient to focus simply on the total wealth of a nation and its growing demand to obtain more resources to continue economic expansion, as the classical realists might argue. The entire section is 1, words.

An analysis of america as world power

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The U.S. Becomes a World Power Analyzing Political Cartoons.

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An analysis of america as world power

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From a foreign policy analysis perspective, what drove the United State’s rise to power in the early twentieth century? [dhr] [dhr] T he United States (US) established itself as a great power in the early 20 th century.

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