Compare and contrast male and female

Men and Women Think Differently Women Do the men in your lives drive you crazy sometimes with their weird logic and bizarre actions?

Compare and contrast male and female

Men and Women The human race is an immensely complex species that exhibits immense variation. Between males and females, the most apparent similarities and differences are seen when comparing physical, mental, and emotional traits. Comparable attributes that show variation in males and females are methods of communication, physical health, and brain size.

Compare and contrast male and female

Communication has a very important role in human life as it is a mean of expressing what one thinks and feels. Males and females are alike in a sense that they both use communication as a way to bond, but it is how each gender communicates that makes the differences apparent.

Males and females do not share that similar of conversation habits, "most wives want their husbands to be, first and foremost, conversational partners, but few husbands share this expectation of their wives" Tannen,p.

Tannen indicated that, "little girls create and maintain friendships by exchanging secrets; similarly, women regard conversation as the cornerstone of friendship" p.

Since childhood, males and females have opposing communication methods and continue to follow these methods through adulthood. The human body has an abundance of various characteristics, many of which are visible just by comparing the male and female genders.

Physical health varies greatly but there are some common traits that are present. The human body is always evolving and progressing as time lapses.

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Both are new highs. With both genders reaching new highs in life expectancy, a similarity in the physical health of the human species is apparent. People are living longer with advances in technology and adaptations to a disease filled world. The reason why life expectancy is not the same for men and women is the role cardiovascular disease has in each gender.

Compare and contrast male and female

A main cause of cardiovascular disease in males is unhealthy eating. Females generally have a delay in cardiovascular disease because, "women are relatively iron-deficient compared to men — especially younger women, those in their late teens and early 20s — because of menstruation" Blue, Physical health of males and females can be affected by many factors but it is life expectancy that matters in the end.

Studies on the brain have only just begun providing insight into the similarities and differences in males and females but, the findings that are present provide a lot of key information.

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Physical characteristics of the human brain show that the male brain is larger than the female brain by two percent only because men generally tend to be larger Ashton, In addition to the size of a male brain in comparison to a female brain, the male brain also has, "six and a half times more gray matter than women do.

Gray matter is partly responsible for information processing, so it may explain why in general men tend to be better in math" Ashton, Despite these differences in structure, all brains can continue to grow if nurtured and trained. As knowledge on the human body continues to expand, the similarities and differences between the two genders continues to become more apparent.

Males and females can be compared and contrasted in an immense amount of subjects other than health, brain size, and communication. Each sex can be identified by their own unique traits but it is the numerous similarities that make the two genders one species.

Reference List Ashton, J. How male and female brains compare. Why do women live longer than men? US life expectancy best ever, says CDC. Sex, lies, and conversation. Patterns for college writing: Between the sexes, a great divide.

Including all races, women now live Women now outlive men by 5. Gray matter is partly responsible for information processing, so may explain in general men tend to be better in math" Ashton.The biggest difference in the chemical make-up of the male and female brains is the level of seratonin.

The female brain secretes much more seratonin than the male which explains why men are more impulsive and fidgety than women. The major difference between the male and female urinary system is the urethra. The male urethra, which passes through the penis, serves as a pathway for both semen (an ejaculation from the male reproductive system) and urine (excretion of liquid by-products).

Mar 26,  · Recently I shared a case of Peyronies disease. Many people thought it was showing an intrauterine device. Therefore, I created the following image to discuss the differences between the female and male pelvis.

The male pelvic inlet is narrower than the female pelvic inlet and is more heart shaped, whereas the female pelvic inlet is.

Nov 18,  · Best Answer: Hi Warrior, Male and female friendships are different and alike in many ways. They differ in how men and women can relate to each other both physically and emotionally.

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Compare and Contrast. Shutterstock / Valery Sidelnykov Although many people are taught that differences in male and female behavior are solely due to culture, science suggests a biological basis for many of these differences.

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