Comparing douglas and london 1802

Although Douglass was written a century after London,the two poems uphold the same identical motives: The authors establish ethos, symbolism, and imagery to further their point. Both, London and Douglass, convey a retrospective tone while transmitting a somber-filled and mournful mood.

Comparing douglas and london 1802

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The Poems "London " and "Douglass" Essay | Essay

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Comparing douglas and london 1802

In the third line, he talks about the altar, sword and pen which represent religion, military and literature which in the old English times were thought to be the birthright of all people in England. He also states that the fireside has lost with the inward happiness meaning which would support the lack of happiness in England.

Comparing douglas and london 1802

As in the beginning of the poem, Wordsworth cries Milton and from lines eight to fourteen really develop why Wordsworth is calling for Milton. In line eight, Wordsworth describes Milton who gave manners, virtue, freedom and power.

Essentially, Wordsworth is calling for Milton to reverse the backwardness of England through is persona and his work. Like Wordsworth poem, Dunbar also calls up Frederick Douglass but not exactly the same way as Wordsworth.

The tone of this poem is quite soft and pleasant but it marks a struggle of how African-American people are facing. In line one and two best describes the reason of why Douglass should be called up again. The second stanza does not talk about Douglass but Dunbar talks about another leader who will have honor and become a pilot lead a nation whose voice will be loud enough that not even a storm can diminish it.

They were written to plead for reform in dark ages of their respective country. One of the core differences in these two poems was the time period as well as the subject of reform. Both people were for different reform, Milton for social and public reform and Douglass for the rights of African-American reform.Is this your ancestor?

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The Poems "London 1802" and "Douglass"

Comparing "Douglas" and "London, " Essay Standing “among the slaughtered dead men,” Odysseus was “spattered over with gore and battle filth, like a lion who has been feeding on an ox of the fields, and goes off covered in blood - Comparing "Douglas" and "London, " Essay introduction. Essay about Comparing "Douglas" and "London, " ox relates to the nature imagery both Wordsworth and Dunbar use.

The poems “ Douglass ” and “ London, ” both have settings that are very dark and depressing situations in which they beg for the return of their leader, but they use the nature imagery in different ways in order. Essay about Comparing "Douglas" and "London, " returns, and Homer’s description of him as a lion resembles the strong, inspiring leader that both William Wordsworth and Paul Dunbar are asking for help from.

Compare and Contrast Poem Analysis

Comparing "Douglas" and "London, " Topics: England, Both “London ” and “Douglass” are sonnets therefore hinting that the work will be very much a serious topic, which as the reader continues, is proven to be true. The rhyme scheme used in the first two quatrains is similar in both sonnets.

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