Cultural shifts on the returning a k a

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Cultural shifts on the returning a k a

Map of Necron Dynasty locations across the Milky Way Galaxy after the formation of the Great Rift Just as the stars gave birth to their children so the planets of the newborn galaxy eventually gave birth to lifeforms composed of matter which began the long evolutionary climb to self-awareness.

The first sentient beings of the Milky Way Galaxy known to have developed a civilisation technologically advanced enough to cross the stars was a reptilian race of beings called the Old Ones by the Aeldariwho knew them best.

They possessed a slow, cold-blooded, but deep wisdom; having long studied the stars and raised astronomy and physics to such a level that their science and technology would appear to humanity like an arcane art.

Their understanding of the workings of the universe were such that they could manipulate alternate dimensions and undertake great works of psychic engineering. Their science allowed them to cross the vast gulfs of space with only a single step via the myriad of Warp Gates they had built to connect the worlds of the galaxy in Cultural shifts on the returning a k a vast network, much like the Eldar Webway of today; though on a much larger scale.

The Old Ones had spread their spawn to many places in the galaxy, but they also knew that all life was precious. Where they passed, they seeded new intelligent species and reshaped thousands of worlds to make them their own according to their predetermined environmental and geographic criteria.

It is believed by some in the Adeptus Mechanicus that even Terra felt the Old Ones' touch long before humanity's rise to self-awareness, though this notion is considered heretical at best by the Ecclesiarchyas the Imperial Creed teaches that Mankind was made in the image of the God-Emperor before His spirit was incarnated in physical flesh millennia ago.

The Old Ones' civilisation reached its height in excess of 60 million years ago. The Old Ones were responsible for the creation or genetic advancement of most of the currently active intelligent species of the galaxy, including the Eldarthe Krork the Orks ' precursorsthe Slann and the Jokaerothough it is unknown if they played any role in the evolution of humanity.

The Old Ones were potent psychics who routinely used the powers of the Warp for a wide variety of technological applications, and had constructed a system of instantaneous faster-than-light portals through Warpspace that were ultimately adapted to create the Eldar's Webway and was its more advanced precursor.

These portals connected all of the Old Ones' colony worlds across vast swathes of interstellar space. Birth of the Star Gods Mephet'ran the Deceiverone of the C'tan Shards The birth of the entities known as the Star Gods occurred at the same time as the moment of Creation itself, as they formed from the vast, insensate energies first unleashed by that churning mass of cataclysmic force.

In that anarchic interweaving of matter and energy, the sea of stars began to swirl into existence and for an eon the universe was nothing more than hot hydrogen gas and light elemental dust ruled over by the gravitic force of billions of newborn suns. Long before the first planets had formed and cooled, the very first truly self-aware beings emerged, their thoughts encased within the lines of force produced by the plasma and electromagnetic flares of the stars themselves.

In later times, these entities would become known as the C'tanbut early in their existence they were nothing like the malevolent beings they would eventually become. They were little more than monstrous energy parasites that suckled upon the solar energies of the stars that had brought them into existence, shortening the lives of otherwise main-sequence stars by millions of standard years.

In time, these star vampires learned to move on the diaphanous wings of the universe's electromagnetic flux, leaving their birthplaces to drift through the cosmic ether to new stellar feeding grounds and begin their cycle of stellar destruction once more.

Beings of pure energy, they paid no mind to the hunks of solid matter they passed in the vacuum of space, the blazing geothermal fires and weak geomagnetic fields of these nascent planets insufficient to be worth feeding even their ravenous hunger. The Necrontyr and the Wars of Secession The humanoid species that would become the Necrons began their existence under a fearsome, scourging star in the far reaches of the galaxy known as the Halo Stars region, billions of standard years before Mankind evolved on Terra.

Assailed at every moment by ionising solar winds and intense radiation storms, the flesh and blood Necrontyr became a morbid people whose precarious life spans were riven by constant loss. What little information the Imperium of Man has recovered on the Necrontyr tells that their lives were short and uncertain, their bodies blighted and consumed at an early age by the terrible cancers and other illnesses linked to the high levels of ionising radiation given off by their sun.

Necrontyr cities were built in anticipation of their inhabitants' early demise, as the living were only brief residents living in the shadow of the vast sepulchres and tombs of their ancestors. Likewise, their ruling dynasties were founded on the anticipation of demise, and the living were thought of as no more than temporary residents hurrying through the more permanent and lasting structures raised to honour the dead.

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On the Necrontyr homeworld, the greatest monuments were always built for the dead, never the living. Driven by necessity, the Necrontyr escaped their crucible-prison and struck out for the stars, hopeful of carving an empire in which they could realise their species' potential free from the lethal energies of their birth star.

Unable to find peace on their own world, the Necrontyr blindly groped outward into the universe to explore other stars. Using stasis crypts and slow-moving antimatter-powered torch-ships, the Necrontyr began to colonise distant worlds.

Little by little, the Necrontyr dynasties spread ever further, until much of the ancient galaxy answered to their rule. From the earliest days, the rulers of individual Necrontyr dynasties were themselves governed by the Triarcha council composed of three Phaerons.

Cultural shifts on the returning a k a

The head of the Triarch was known as the Silent King, for he addressed his subjects only through the other two Phaerons who ruled alongside him. Nominally a hereditary position, the uncertain life spans of the Necrontyr ensured that the title of Silent King nonetheless passed from one royal dynasty to another many times.

York Post put it, “the Selfie of the Year of the Selfie” (Smith, , para. 4)? The answer, we suggest, is that the photograph—not actually a selfie, but a depiction of the act of taking a selfie—is polysemic in ways that evoke multiple, simultaneous cultural shifts and anxieties. Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to doi. An empirical case study from Chile (well known for its common property fisheries) suggests that major socio-cultural shifts are now occurring, with a lack of entry by .

The final days of the Necrontyr Empire occurred in the reign of Szarekhthe last of the Silent Kings. Sometime during their slow expansion, the Necrontyr encountered an ancient species far older than any other in existence in the known galaxy.!K7 management services are available both for artists signed to the label and those who release music elsewhere.

Drawing on 30 years of music industry experience and knowledge of the global music market,!K7 offers credible and informed guidance to artists. The age-old enemies of Necrons and Eldar prepare to face off. With the C'tan and the Necrons fighting as one, the Old Ones were now doomed to defeat.

Glutted on the life force of the Necrontyr, the empowered C'tan were nigh unstoppable and unleashed forces beyond comprehension.

Jul 19,  · A major factor in healing our world's ancestral wounding is a cultural values shift which is taking place from materialistic to sociocentric existence. Cultural Changes Intellectual Changes Gender Roles While the men were away at war, women stayed at home, working in factories and producing equipment needed for war, as well as equipment needed for home life.

One of the most important roles of women in the war was the manufacturing of shells. After Deployment A mental wellness resource for Service Members returning from deployment, Veterans, and Military Families Cultural shifts in the Corps. UsmcFatManBear Everyone loves a K-9 Handler 30 points 31 points 32 points 19 hours ago.

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