Does technology control us essay writers

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Does technology control us essay writers

The Restored Edition by Ernest Hemingway [Scribner] Technology has done a lot for us, from improving the way we live to lengthening our lives to making communication across the world instantaneous.

Every moment of our day is affected by developments from the last few hundred years. The way writers have approached their job has changed, too, from scratchings on clay tablets to pictograms on the walls of temples; text written on papyrus, vellum, paper in its many forms, and now on the screen.

That seems an obvious question, you might say, but is it? Our predecessors wrote their novels, poems and treatise longhand, with scratch quill pens or leaky fountain pens, before the invention of the typewriter.

But what does that mean for the process of writing? The proliferation of sub-standard reading material is a result of that — and it is not good.

Others will say that the process of writing multiple drafts is essential to honing a work and cutting out the dross. But why is the delete key or spell check not a valid tool for that whittling?

The act of putting pen to paper requires thought — hence all the writing and discussion of the fear of a blank page. Even writing in pencil is far more of a commitment to the work than simply tapping away at your keyboard. No, the irony that this very piece is being written in Scrivener on a Mac is not lost on me.

does technology control us essay writers

The process of taking those scribblings and then typing them up or typesetting them was a way to refine the process and give the works a coherence often missing in modern novels. Plus, my handwriting is atrocious. It is an amazing world we live in.

And while the internet can be a huge drain on time cute cat videos, anyone? From typing on a rolling stream of white space to editing in a cloud, shifts in hardware have altered the way writers research, draft, refine and, ultimately, conceive of their work.

The basic mechanism may stay the same, but new tools have led to new relations between authors and the words they use. With the internet, the barrier between the writer and the world has become as thin as skin.

does technology control us essay writers

Whereas before writers would have to use their memory and imagination to embellish, I just looked it up on YouTube and could watch the exact set in Technology provided me with a memory. The way in which the manuscript is disseminated Obviously one of the most important ways technology had changed our lives is how we distribute, access and read things these days.

It has also led to a glut of writing where everyone who has a book inside them can now put their words out for everyone to read, making it more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and cull those gems worth the time spent reading them.


It reminds me of the early days of desktop publishing: This led to a proliferation of rubbish design, generated and put out into the world with little thought about the importance of a typeface or the difficulties of reading white text on a red background.

It would certainly make a lot of books out there a bit shorter. Column by Dean Fetzer Dean Fetzer is originally from a small town in eastern Colorado, but has lived in London, England, for the past 21 years. When not writing - or in the pub - he can be found in the theatre, live music venues and travelling.Technology of Ultrasound Scans.

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Since technology is a human activity – indeed the former Director of the National Academy of Engineering, William Wulf. We have in control. I say that because technology can control us by anything. Also technology is for students to study on and also that you can't just depend on paper you have to depend on technology so you can do research on projects.

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What Would Life be Without Technology The everyday lives of people have changed a great deal due to the advent of technology.

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