Finding a lawyer to write a will

On each of these matters, Craig has delivered only the highest quality work and provided myself and my associates with top-notch advice and guidance. It is rare to find Title Craig Delsack is a dedicated lawyer with real technical knowledge who understands what it takes to craft a masterful technical contract. I am grateful to his service thus far with my company.

Finding a lawyer to write a will

Finding a Lawyer Tips and Advice There are three points we have to make before guiding you through the process of selecting a lawyer. We are not attorneys nor do we purport to be giving legal advice. Only licensed legal professionals — paralegals and attorneys — may do this.

There is no law in any U. Lawyers must use existing laws. Therefore, no lawyers specialize in workplace bullying. There are few laws against cruelty toward workers in general. At work, nearly anything goes. There are stronger protections in place against abuse of animals in this country!

America is an aggressive country and the legal attitude is that only "disadvantaged" people deserve protection. Filing a lawsuit leads to predictable retaliation, tremendous financial expense, and the risk of worsening the emotional damage caused by bullying.

Despite some laws that prohibit retaliation for filing formal complaints, nearly all employers ignore the rule and retaliate. They hate being exposed.

Chances are high that you will have to pay a significant retainer. Many bullied targets also report that being deposed is akin to "intellectual" rape. The anxieties triggered are strong and repeat the worst feelings experienced during the original bullying. If you were traumatized at work, and become involved in a lawsuit that requires you to repeat your story, frequently and to the opposing legal team, you risk being re-traumatized.

The justice you seek to reverse the unfairness experienced in your bullying workplace can rarely be achieved in a courtroom.

finding a lawyer to write a will

The bully still had his job and was telling lies years after the lawsuit. Fairness comes in small, unexpected ways -- the bully is caught committing criminal activity and goes to jail, the bully is finally fired and you get to wave goodbye from the front office door.

Do not be offended by a callous lawyer who has too little "bedside manner. Knowing that there is no law should help you accept the judgment coming from attorneys.

They may have to let you down. Types of Lawyers to Hire and to Avoid Plaintiffs vs. Defense Attorneys Most attorneys specializing in employment law represent employers. Consult the NELA website for members in your area. The most popular area of employment law is civil rights.

There are state and federal laws that make harassment and discrimination illegal. Employment attorneys listen carefully to prospective clients for evidence of illegal discrimination. They want to hear that discrimination is present.

Discrimination can be based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, veteran status, or disability. You must be a member of a "protected status group" to claim damages. But if your harasser is similarly protected, you could be out of luck.Steven Keeva (who is not a lawyer but has spent many years observing and writing about them) here provides an assortment of advice, tips, and real-life examples to help you become a better lawyer .

What's a legal aid certificate? If you are a low-income Ontarian, you may be eligible for a Legal Aid Ontario certificate..

You can take or send your LAO-issued certificate to a private practice lawyer who accepts legal aid cases. Law Offices of Craig Delsack is a multiservice commercial transaction law firm in NYC in the areas of business, technology, media and real estate.

We work with a range of individuals and entities from Fortune s to start-ups. Call for free consultation, () How can I find a lawyer? Finding the best lawyer for your legal situation is very important. Here are some sources you may find useful: ask family, friends or colleagues if they know a lawyer who can assist you with your particular legal issue;.

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