Interesting tourism places in india

The evolution of a name Bhojtal As interesting as the city itself is the story about how Bhopal got its name. The king was engaged in a fierce power struggle with his contemporaries — the Chalukyas, Chandelas and Kalchuris. He built a pala dam to secure his eastern frontiers. This led to the formation of the beautiful Bada Talab Upper Lake.

Interesting tourism places in india

Old picture of Jahan Kosha gun embedded in a peepal tree Jahan Kosha A quarter of mile to the south east of Katra mosque is "Tope Khana", the site of the Nawabs Artillery Park and the east entrance gate of the old capital, protected on the east, throughout the length of the eastern limits of the city, by Gobra Nala, known locally as the Katra Jheel.

Here lies the great gun called the Jahan Kosha "destroyer of the world", which originally rested on a carriage with wheels, and embedded in a peepal tree Ficus religiosawhich had grown by its side and held it about four feet high from the ground lifting it up enmasse.

The wheels have disappeared. The iron work of the carriage and the trunions are still visible. The cannon is made of a composition of eight metals, namely gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, mercury, iron and tin. It is 17 feet and 6 inches long, with a girth of 5 feet at the touch hole end.

The cannon weighs about 7, Kg and 17 kg Gunpowder was required for a single shelling. It is grasped by two trunks of a peepal tree and supported by them about 18 inches from the ground. Native tradition states that it was brought to the spot on a carriage, and was left there as the wheels sunk into the mud and could not be extricated.

The tree must have sprung up under it, and the trunks, as they grew, grasped the gun and continued to support it after the carriage had rotted away and fallen from it. The back trunnion is imbedded in the trunk and cannot be seen; but two stanchions and a ring are visible, which evidently belonged to the carriage.

The front trunnion, with the iron work attached, was until lately, also imbedded in the tree There is another peculiarity which it may be proper to notice, as exhibiting a second phenomenon in the growth of the tree.

There are two trunks which support the gun, but I am inclined to think that they are branches of one tree". Major Showers has also given the Persian, as well as a translation of the inscription. Such the dignity of this gun, that in the highest heaven. The times asigned it a station in the most exalted place From the report of its power and omens dreadful and awe striking.

The fortifications of the enemy shook as by an earthquake. In the time of the Chief of noble qualities, By whom the kingdom of Bengal was organized, The cloud of beneficence, the famed Islam Khan, At whose door prosperity waited as the lowest menial; when thus gun of serpentine from was constructed.

For the purpose of destroying the enemies of the king. I sought in the path of reflection the year of its completion; Came the "tope Jahan Kasha" by inspiration. The ninth plate is in prose and is rendered as "This Cannon by name Tope Jahan Kasha was manufactured at Jahangirnagar alias Dacca under the supervision of Shere Mahomed and the clerkship of Haraballav Das by Jonardan Karmokar in the month of Jumadi-us-Sani, in the year of the reign corresponding of October - weight maunds, the measure?

Rennell further remarks that the gun "has since fallen into the river, together with the bank on which it rested". The big cannon which was placed at Sowari Ghat and the other cannon which, together with two big cannon balls, went down into the water at Mughlani Char, were built for the purpose of training the soldiers of Mir Jumla [2] ADand also for serving as a protection against danger.

Walters the Magistrate had the remaining cannon, called "Bibi Mariam" at the Sowari Ghat taken away from there and placed at Chawk Bazar. The cannon which went down in the river, known as "Kale Jamjam", was very similar to "Jahan Kosha"". The horse-shoe shaped lake, according to James Rennellwas one of the meandering courses of the Bhagirathi that once flowed near this area.

Within the bend of the lake were built a beautiful palace called 'Sang-i-dalan' stone palacea lofty gateway, a mosque, a Mahalsarai or harem and some other structures by Nawajesh Muhammad Khan alias Shahmat Jang, nephew and son-in-law of Nawab Alivardi Khan.Check out more reasons to fall in love with India with a list of most beautiful tourist places in India for any season wanderers!

Holidays to India - Tour My India is the biggest travel guide portal on India tourism. Make your India tour & holiday plan with TMI, an award-winning govt approved tour operator in India. Gwalior well known for Magnificent Gwalior Fort, popularly called "the Gibraltar of India".

Jai Vilas Palace, Sas Bahu Ka Mandir are few from many places to visit in Gwalior.

Interesting tourism places in india

India is a land with a rich and varied history. Many different rulers, dynasties, and empires have fought over and controlled different parts of the Indian subcontinent during its eventful history. After one has been to the movies, been to India Gate n Old Fort, it seems like one has exhausted the possibipities of fresh venues in Delhi.

Ik glad Here are some obvious places which will freshen up one. 27 Top Tourist Attractions in India Last updated on February 20, in India 29 Comments India is the world’s seventh-largest country stretching from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, and from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the Thar desert.

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