Kung shee fat choy in chinese writing and meanings

Sanshou and Shuai jiao Application refers to the practical use of combative techniques. Chinese martial arts techniques are ideally based on efficiency and effectiveness. When and how applications are taught varies from style to style.

Kung shee fat choy in chinese writing and meanings

Culturally enriched slot machine - Chan, Ray C.

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Field of the Invention This invention relates to the field of gaming devices, and, more particularly, gaming devices displaying certain arrangements of symbols as winning combinations.

kung shee fat choy in chinese writing and meanings

Description of Related Art It is known to provide gaming devices having reels or other representations of variable symbols, wherein certain alignments or combinations of symbols provide a winning combination, resulting in credits or a payout to the player.

Video poker and traditional 3 reel slot machines are examples of such gaming devices. Traditional 3-reel slot designs display one set of symbols in the pay window.

Later designs have increased the size of the window to show either a central pay line with the near misses above and below the pay line, or multi-line machines with more than one pay line, including machines that pay from left to right or right to left, with numerous individual spinning reels.

In a typical such gaming device a play field, face plate, video screen or other display means is provided as the user interface, generally with between three and five reels, which may be actual spinning elements or displays of objects or images displaying a virtual spin operation.

At the end of the rotation, each reel typically presents one of a variety of symbols at a predetermined horizontal pay line. The combination of symbols along the pay line is used to determine the result of a gambling proposition, with certain of the arrangements of symbols providing winning combinations of varying degree.

With the increasingly sophisticated electronic technology introduced throughout the s and s, elements of popular games of the past have also been incorporated into video gaming designs, for instance, Bingo, Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

Inventions have followed that have attempted to expand the variety of video representations in gaming devices. A further example is U. While word games, card games and dice games continue to provide popular appeal to video gaming devices, they tend to be attractive only to those having a previous experience in playing the games themselves.

There remains, then, a continuing need to develop gaming devices that are attractive to differing segments of the gaming population.

Such games are attractive to members of the gaming population from within or that have been exposed to games and traditions of the selected cultural tradition.

The device may comprise a plurality of reels having at least one pictographic or ideographic symbol and an award associated with the arrangement of pictographic or ideographic symbols. Like the traditional reel machines, there may be three lines on the gaming devices.

Depending on the design of each machine, the play line s offered are the center line only, all 3 horizontal lines or all 3 horizontal, plus 2 diagonal lines, all of which may be configured for forward and backward winning combinations.

In four line machines, there are additional winning diagonal combinations available. In one preferred embodiment, the winning arrangement of symbols comprises at least two dissimilar symbols that together constitute an ideographic expression.

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In such a case, the ideographic symbols are symbols utilized in a writing system. In a further preferred embodiment, at least one of the winning combinations is an expression written in the ideographic writing system.

In a further preferred embodiment, the expression is an expression of best wishes common to the culture utilizing the writing system, such as a three or four symbol expression of best wishes.


In an alternative preferred embodiment, the expression is thematically related to a story common to the culture utilizing the writing system, such as a story from the mythology, history or literature derived from that culture.

For instance, a winning combination of symbols might reflect a pattern of ideographic symbols recognizable as a depiction of an event from such a story.

In a preferred such gaming device, the at least two dissimilar ideographic symbols form an ideographic expression on a representation of a poster, for example, a good wishes poster. Multiple posters conveying the same ideographic expression may also be used to form a winning combination.

The invention also provides a video jackpot game with a plurality of reels for displaying pictographic symbols to a player, where the pictographic symbols have an independent association or identity associated with a selected cultural tradition and the game further comprises awards associated with set combinations of winning symbols displayed on the plurality of reels.

In this embodiment, a winning arrangement of symbols comprises at least three similar symbols and a winning arrangement of symbols generates a bonus round where the symbol of the wining combination is electronically displayed portraying an action identifiable with the association of the symbol within the selected cultural tradition.

The association is may be from literature, in which case the pictographic symbol could portray a scene from a poem, an epic poem or a novel.Eating Foods with Meaning There are many foods traditionally associated with Chinese New Year, and it may be fun–and delicious–to have some around this time of year.

In northern China, people eat dumplings or “jiao zi,” the shape of which resembles a gold ingot, . Take your writing to the next level. Grammarly's free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

It is the phonetic symbol of a Cantonese word,actually,it is written as『gung1 hei2 faat3 coi4』(Mandarin『Gong 1 Xi 3 Fa 1 Cai 2』).In standard.

In English she chose to use the term Kung Hei Fat Choy, even though most of her English speaking friends here would be more familiar with 恭喜发财.

Glen An informal poll of my Chinese-speaking friends on Facebook reveals that 恭喜发财 still finds significant circulation during the Lunar New Year. In Cantonese-speaking Chinese communities everywhere, people greet each other with a hearty Kung Hei Fat Choy!

to bring prosperity to the new year. Chinese New Year is the.

kung shee fat choy in chinese writing and meanings

Home; Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! January 28, Literal translations of the names of the dishes will not convey their meanings so I will not. TonyDaLoccsta DVD Collection. Search this site. Home. Cartoons.

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Comic Books On DVD. Howard Stern. Kung Fu Movies. Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu(Chinese language with English subs) Challenges Of Death One Man Army (Chinese language with English subs) Writing Kung Fu Monkey King With 72 Magic(Chinese language with English subs).

Gong hei fat choy and what it means Yes, those envelopes are meant to be filled with money (Picture: Getty) Saying gong hei fat choy is not the same as saying happy Chinese New Year and if you.

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