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Curriculum The content of a Curriculum is drawn up by a special committee consisting of at least 5 professors active in the specific scientific field.

Prof writing academy

His previous work experience comes from Massachusetts General Hospital in the molecular biology department as the Assistant Operations Director. Prior to that Larry was at Boston University for 10 years as laboratory manager for the chairman of the biology department and a facilities administrator for the Life Sciences and Engineering building.

Atsushi Nishida, where she focused on organic chemistry. Her previous research experiences included development of new methodologies using nickel-catalyzed hydrocyanation of allenes.

After her graduate studies, she was interested in chemical biology and joined the Woo lab to study the interaction of small molecule in proteome in April Postdoc Praveen Kokkonda obtained his M.

Ltd, Hyderabad from He obtained a Ph. Rodrigo Andrade at Temple University in His research focus was on the total synthesis of Strychnos and Aspidospermatan indole alkaloids.

Chia Fu Chang, Ph. Postdoc Erin received a B. At Yale she worked under Dr. Daniel DiMaio constructing protein libraries to screen for various functions including blocking HPV infection, activating receptors without known ligands, and isolating ultra-simple proteins with oncogenic activity to better understand how simplicity in a cell can have major consequences in biology.

Her scientific motivations come from imagining creative solutions to biological problems and then building the tools to address these problems. As a postdoctoral researcher in the Woo lab, Erin will be developing cell based assays to screen for novel protein-protein interactions and will be working towards understanding and elucidating the cell-wide protein-protein interactome.

prof writing academy

Chanat Jay Aonbangkhen, Ph. Postdoc Jay was born and raised in Thailand, where he finished his undergraduate study in chemistry at Kasetsart University.

He conducted research under supervision of Dr. Pitak Chuawong to develop an acid-cleavable probe to purify specific tRNA.

He then became highly interested in chemical biology. Inhe began his Ph. D research in Dr.Jiyoung Johnston. M.M. "Jazz Piano Performance" (University of North Texas) B.M.

"Piano Performance" (Seoul National University). Jiyoung Johnston, director and co-founder of Lone Star Music Academy, exhibits equally strong performance and education abilities in classical and jazz music. Continuing Education Hours. What is an hour of continuing education? Answer: An hour of continuing education is one contact hour of at least 50 minutes in duration.

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There’s just no end to stuff like this. Blake Neff of the Daily Caller reported. Professor: Reason Itself Is A White Male Construct. A philosophy and religion professor at Syracuse University gave an interview to The New York Times Thursday in which he critiqued the notion of pure reason as simply being a “white male Euro-Christian construction.”.

David R. Blumenthal