Rosa parks diary

However, her diary was published after her death in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the age of But we can do small things with great love. She worked tirelessly towards her goal until her ill-health - that included two heart attacks, pneumonia and malaria - forced her to step down in Marchfollowing which she took her last breath in September

Rosa parks diary

Of course in this short essay we will only try to enhance the essence of the admirable achievements accomplished by Martin Luther King. When growing up he went to the same experience other black children endured which was for example not to be able to drink to the same water fountain or use the same rest rooms.

He attended a theological seminar, went to college to become a minister and would be known in the future as Dr King. He married Coretta King. The lightning rod in his life was the Montgomery bus boycott where a young woman Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat to a white man and go in the segregated part of the bus She was arrested at once on December 1, for more on Rosa Parks check her link on the home page.

Rosa parks diary

In protest the leaders of the Black community organized a bus boycott and Martin Luther King became an influential leader of the boycott as well as an organizer. He experienced the first attempt of violence on his person when a shotgun blast ripped through the front door of his home.

After a boycott of days and a court battle the Supreme court decided that segregation in public transportation was illegal. This rule was decided and applied only by the black community, the white extremists very often used violence. Without Martin Luther King very strong commitment to non violence, confrontation between the black and white community would literally had ended in blood bath.

It is important to remember that as the leader of the black community were preaching non violence bombs set up by white people were destroying churches, houses and the leaders and helpers were fired upon and killed.

Violence imposed on the black community was not only a world it was experienced every day, it was very tangible and the black community and Dr king were the victims.

Although Martin Luther King and the black community were the victims of violence, The FBI constantly bugged the home and hotel rooms and listened to Martin Luther King telephone conversation.

The FBI and specifically J.


In the mean time Martin Luther King was totally unaware, for more than 10 years,that his home was bugged and that all his telephone conversation were recorded and presented to the white house in he most incriminating ways.

An other aspect that is mind boggling is the enormous amount of constant tasks that Martin Luther King was engaged in. Almost every day of every week of the year Martin Luther King will fly or drive to two or three cities, will give a number of speeches, attend reunions, and late at night preach in a church.

The reunions, meetings speeches, were constant.

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His day schedules were inhuman and Martin Luther King broke down a few time of sheer exhaustion. The best comparison is with the schedule of the last 2 months of a presidential candidate before the election. Only for Martin Luther King it lasted 10 years at this unrelenting rhythm and without the money and private jet and private limo.

A very important part of Martin Luther King influence is that he went everywhere and spoke in person to thousands of people.

Rosa parks diary

In the only 12 years of his active life as a civil leader Martin Luther King achieved or help achieved as a leader and a human being the following accomplishments: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson - Bitter fights and success to desegregate lunch counters and stores in the south.Sep 08,  · Fawn-Doe-Rosa is an educational wildlife park in St.

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King's Speech. Inspired by the boycott's success, thousands of people gather in a Montgomery church on the evening of December 5 to listen to their new leader, Dr. King. Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat for a white passenger on the bus was the defining moment in a life dedicated to pursuing equal rights in America.

It wasn’t her first act of rebellion and it . • Official report about the arrest of Rosa Parks. Police Department, City of Montgomery. December 1, • Excerpt from the brief filed on behalf of Rosa Parks in Parks vs. City of Montgomery. Filed in the Court of Appeals, Montgomery, • Excerpt from Bayard Rustin’s Montgomery Diary, February 24, Montgomery, Alabama.

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