The smoking ban in the uk

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Alamy It's 10 years since smoking was banned in enclosed workplaces in England, following similar moves in the rest of the UK. But how has the "pub smoking ban" changed the country? Do you remember the time when pubs were full of smoke? When you could light up after a meal at a restaurant?

The smoking ban in the uk

The pub chain Wetherspoons was the first major chain to introduce a complete ban on indoor smoking. Passage of the law[ edit ] On 16 November a Public Health white paper proposed a smoking ban in almost all public places in England and Wales.

Smoking restrictions would be phased in, with a ban on smoking in NHS and government buildings byin enclosed public places byand pubs, bars and restaurants except pubs not serving food by the end of All workplaces, including restaurants and pubs selling food, would have to comply by summer [3] However, there was widespread criticism from all sides of the argument on this, with a number of MPs threatening to try to overturn the bill.

The smoking ban in the uk

Many representatives of the licensed trade told the Government that only a total ban would work, and over 90 MPs signed a motion demanding this, with over signing a petition for a free vote on the issue. It was reported on 24 November that Chief Medical Officer Liam Donaldson nearly quit over the partial ban, but decided to stay to champion a total ban.

All other parties had offered free votes on the issue which was debated on 14 February, with three options: The amendment was carried with a large majority. Again this amendment gained significant support and was carried with a large majority.

The legislation was passed by the House of Lords, allowing a total smoking ban in enclosed public places to come into force in England. The ban came into force on 1 Julyas announced on 30 November by former Secretary of State for Health Patricia Hewittwho called it "a huge step forward for public health".

A smoking shelter outside an office building in England. Since such shelters have become commonplace at workplaces. On 30 Junethe recently formed Coalition Government announced that it would not be reviewing the ban. An exemption was also theoretically possible within the Palace of Westminster[10] as for other Royal Palaces, although members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords agreed to observe the spirit of the ban and restrict any smoking within the grounds of Parliament to four designated outside areas.

In flats with communal entrances or shared corridors, these must be smoke-free. University halls of residence presented some dilemmas in practice as regards defining what is public and private. Several universities have imposed a blanket ban on smoking including halls of residence. However, there were some objectors who generated higher-profile legal cases, for instance Hugh Howitt, also known as Hamish Howitt, the landlord of the Happy Scots Bar in Blackpool who was the first landlord to be prosecuted for permitting smoking in a smoke-free place under his control.

On 2 DecemberHowitt effectively had his premises licence revoked, after an appeal by Blackpool Council was upheld; he was not allowed to appeal, and Howitt had to close the Delboys Bar following the decision. For a short while, bars in the UK that offered shisha the smoking of flavoured tobacco through a pipe were still allowed to provide their services inside the establishment, however the ban covered this area in late leading to a rapid decline in shisha bars.

A legal blunder by Stoke-on-Trent City Council meant that, while the smoking ban still applied in the city, the council were unable to issue fines to people caught flouting the law until 16 July This is a list of smoking bans by country.

Andorra introduced a smoking ban in all public places on 13 December These were introduced in each constituent administration of the United Kingdom separately, as decided by the partially devolved governments of Scotland. In the UK, cigarette sales fell by 11% during July , the first month of the nationwide smoking ban, compared with July [75] A document from Phillip Morris summarised the tobacco industry's concern about the effects of smoking bans: "Total prohibition of smoking in the workplace strongly effects [ sic ] tobacco industry volume.

Read chapter 5 The Background of Smoking Bans: Data suggest that exposure to secondhand smoke can result in heart disease in nonsmoking adults.

Recently. Smoking at work: the law Smoking isn’t allowed in any enclosed workplace, public building or on public transport in the UK. Penalty for smoking in the workplace. Married women with children reported the largest increase in well-being following the smoking bans in the UK in and but there was no comparable increase for married men with children.

What the government’s doing about smoking.

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The smoking ban in the uk
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