Tnt strategic marketing plan

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Tnt strategic marketing plan

It has attained the leadership position the European market and there is higher growth opportunities still exists in the European market for achieving further growth. The strategic plan considers the performance of situation analysis through important market assessment tools such as SWOT, BCG matrix and it has been evaluated that the new business development strategy is considered effective for attaining higher market share.

The company already occupies the leadership position in B2B segment and its focus on B2C segment would enable it to achieve higher growth.

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In successfully performing the growth strategy, this strategic marketing plans consider the marketing strategy as well as targeting and positioning strategies which indicates that the marketing strategies of TNT express should be to pursue intensive growth strategy in new European markets with major target segment should include both the B2B and B2C customer segments.

The company should position itself as fast delivery of courier service provider and also the cost efficient service provider as well. The marketing mix strategies has also been assessed which indicates that the major role is to be played by the promotional activities and as such, company should initially make huge investment in promoting its new market area including its new target Tnt strategic marketing plan segments through its websites and various other promotional tools.

Finally, proper control and evaluation need to be performed to assess whether the growth as pursued by the organization is achieved or not and strategic actions need to be taken for any kinds of deviations from expected performance.

Introduction The situation analysis of company TNT express as performed indicates about the internal as well as external environment faced by the company. For instance, the performance of such situation analysis with the help of SWOP indicates that the TNT is a one of the fourth largest transport integrators and stands at first position in Europe.

The major business of the company is to move parcels, documents and pieces of freights from one country to another in over countries as per the requests of its customers.

The company has a worldwide presence as it is operating in more than countries and also expanding it business at a rapid pace in major growing countries. However, on the basis of SWOT analysis as performed for the company, it has been identified that there are ample of opportunities available for the company to achieve higher growth in the European markets as there are various small players comprising of major proportion of market share in the distribution industry TNT Express, As a result, this strategic business plan is aimed at achieving expansion of business in the potential growth areas where it can be possible for the company to achieve higher growth.

In achieving the growth strategy in a most effective manner, this strategic business plan considers the marketing strategy of the company that would enable it to achieve higher growth in those markets.

In addition to this, the strategic marketing plan will also consider about the target market strategies and the appropriate marketing mix strategies as well, as the demands of customers from courier service providers is different because of availability of wide variety of services in such market.

The strategic marketing plan will also consider about the marketing mix strategy in pursuing higher growth and also about the budget factor which is very crucial for achieving success in the growth strategy of the organization Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, Marketing Strategy From the assessment of situation analysis of TNT express as performed, the marketing strategy that would be considered as highly effective for the organization is to adopt a growth strategy, so that the opportunities as seeking by the company in terms of continuous expansion in the growing markets can be achieved.

Tnt strategic marketing plan

However, the development of most effective marketing strategy for the organization can be ensured from its mission which is presented below: The corporate mission of the organization specifies that the TNT express is primarily concerned with allowing businesses, markets and people to connect with each other.

It provides a platform through which businesses can transfer their parcels and documents to every corner of the world through its highly skilled workforce and thereby ensures better connectivity.

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However, the situation analysis of the company indicates about the desire to expand its operation in the European markets. The growth strategy as planned to pursue by TNT express requires it to properly analyze the target markets so that the growth as planned to achieve by the organization can be possible.

For instance, the major objective of the company is to increase its market shares in the European markets, as there are huge potential for growth for the company. With respect to its growth in the Asian markets, company aims at expanding in such markets with primary emphasis being placed on providing road based express services.

Thus, the external analysis of TNT express indicates that there is sufficient room for expansion of its markets and as a result, the market growth strategy is considered as appropriate for the company. In addition to this, the company is regarded as leader in B2B distribution services, but the market analysis reveals that there has been an increasing demand from customers to provide residential services as well.

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As such, the growth strategy of the company also includes significant attention to the development of residential services for its customers TNT Express press pack, Marketing Objectives The growth strategy as considered for TNT express should be supported by certain marketing objectives for the firm.

The main focus of the strategic marketing plan would be to devise strategies for TNT express that would make it possible for it to: To successfully enter into newer markets through its road based express service by better positioning its brand TNT express.

Focus on Achieving Cost Efficiency Another major marketing objective of the company should be to achieve efficiency with respect to its cost in providing courier services to its customers. The main motive should be to provide additional benefits in the documents and parcel distribution services in the new markets which could be attained by focusing on the road based express services.

Hence, the company should not consider the airlines mode of providing services in the newer markets initially, as it would lead to higher costs for its services which in turn would adversely affects its performance. Thus, the road express services should be adopted in newer markets to achieve cost efficiency in its operations TNT Express press pack, Target Market The selection of appropriate target market is highly essential so that the marketing of the products and services offerings of the company can be possible in a most effective and efficient manner.

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As a result, TNT can achieve higher growth in its existing European markets by way of its broad product portfolio and paying attention to its customers TNT Express press pack, Construction & Engineering Engineering Consulting Business Plan Sample. The guidelines within this sample business plan will provide you with a good overview of .

MARKETING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: Prepare a strategic marketing plan that specifies the exact manner in which a company can advance its product/brand position within a period of one year.

Introduction TNT (Thomas Nationwide Transport) was founded by Ken Thomas in Australia in Today, TNT is a global company that possesses 26, The airline industry is a diverse sector, requiring the support of a varied range of ancillary businesses such as maintenance, catering and travel agencies to carry out its activities.

Marketing strategy planning looks at where a business is, where it wants to go and what marketing efforts will get results. Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. Create custom visualizations powered by U.S.

Tnt strategic marketing plan

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