Truant essay

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Truant essay


Note to Dad Source Effects of Truancy The effects of children chronically missing school are both immediate and latent. Kids may fall prey to being "pushed out" and be expelled because they are truant or underachieving. Kids who are truant are more likely to dropout or not graduate and if they do dropout they are less likely to acquire their GED.

Kids who attempt to stay in school but continue to struggle with truancy also struggle with low grades and may have to repeat grades. Kids may have behavioral issues and administrative staff may not be equipped to deal with the needs of the individual. Kids may resort to substance abusedelinquency, criminal activity, gang involvement or they may become involved in more serious criminal activity which can be problematic.

See Characteristics of a Juvenile Delinquent. Children who are habitually truant can be placed in juvenile detention facilities. The outcomes are varying because each case is disposed of based on the individual.

In most cases kids are placed on probation, however kids can be put in foster care or group homes. There is no evidence that suggests taking truant children away from their homes and families successfully deters truancy. Have you ever skipped school?

Yes See results Ways To Reduce Truancy Experts agree that the 1 way to reduce truancy is to attach families to the schools and the community to work together to understand the importance of education. Schools must keep accurate attendance records and maintain consistency for all students in regards to excused and unexcused absences.

If the policies about absences are clear, students and parents will be less likely to be confused.

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School districts sometimes create alternatives to suspension and expulsion. Often times schools or juvenile and family court systems will negotiate contracts with truant kids hoping to foster attendance by holding the child accountable.

Many school districts offer after school programs, alternative school programs, technical schools and specialized training schools which have been successful for many youth. Creating a safe and positive atmosphere for all students that provides discipline, structure and support from the family, the school and the community will most likely be our best hope for reducing truancy in the future.Jun 14,  · How To Prevent Truancy.

Updated on October 26, Kristi Sharp. more. Kristi graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Human Development and Developmental Psychopathology of Children.

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Shortage of resources to deal Reviews: The contents of this story archive may not reflect the views or opinions of the site owners, who most certainly DO NOT sanction ANY abuse of children.

You are dying, and your world is a lie (Epic series Book 2) Kindle Edition. Rivers, Bill, "Truancy: Causes, Effects, and Solutions" ().Education Masters. Paper Family factors that may cause truant behavior include, but are not limited to parents’ education, parental supervision, and household income.

In a recent study on eighth and tenth.

Truant essay

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