Venezuela research paper

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Venezuela research paper

Of the other religions, there are small but influential Muslim and Jewish communities. Caracas, the capital city, has a large mosque. Maria Lionza is a religious movement that blends Christian, African, and indigenous beliefs.

Venezuelans are constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion provided that a faith is not contrary to public order or good custom.

The state signed a concordat with the Vatican inwhich serves as the basis for government financial support of the Roman Catholic Church. While all registered religious groups can apply for government funds, the Catholic Church has been guaranteed a fixed amount from a limited government budget.

Despite such financial support, Venezuela research paper officials have often been politically at odds with local Catholic Church authorities. A large percentage of Venezuelan tonnage is carried by ships of the government-owned Venezuelan Navigation Co. Shallow-draught ships are able to reach Colombian river ports in the wet season.

Shallow-draught river steamers are the principal means of transportation from the eastern llanos to Puerto Ordaz, which, thanks to constant dredging, is also reached by deep-draught oceangoing vessels.

Why Is Venezuela in Crisis?

Dredging operations also are maintained in Lake Maracaibo Venezuela research paper allow the entry of oceangoing tankers. The government has invested substantially in the port of La Guaira, hoping to make it one of the most modern in the Caribbean area.

Puerto Cabello handles the most cargo, and Maracaibo is the main port for oil shipments. Highway and railroad construction is both costly and dangerous because of the rough mountainous terrain in the areas of dense population.

Venezuela research paper

Nevertheless, the government has undertaken massive highway construction projects throughout the country. ByVenezuela had 96, km 59, mi of highway, of which 32, km 20, mi were paved. In there were 1, passenger cars and 1, commercial vehicles in Venezuela.

Venezuela's two railroads carry mostly freight. Rail transportation is concentrated in the northern states of Lara, Miranda, Carabobo, Aragua, and Yaracuy, with branches connecting the principal seaports with the important cities of the central highlands. As ofthe country's railway system totaled km miall of it standard gauge.

Venezuela Research

Cities and towns of the remote regions are linked principally by air transportation. Inthere were an estimated airports. As of a total of had paved runways, and there was also one heliport. A new airline, Aeronaves del Centro, began domestic flights in Inabout 3.

Venezuela research paper

The nation received its name, meaning "Little Venice," from Alonso de Ojeda, who sailed into the Gulf of Venezuela in August and was reminded of the Italian city by the native huts built on stilts over the water.

The first Europeans to settle Venezuela were Germans. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V granted the Welsers, a German banking firm, the right to colonize and develop Venezuela in exchange for the cancellation of a debt.

Lasting a little less than 20 years, the administration of the Welsers was characterized by extensive exploration and organization of the territory but also by brutality toward the native population. Inthe grant was rescinded, and Venezuela was returned to the Spanish crown.

Under the Spanish, Eastern Venezuela was governed under the audiencia region under a royal court of Santo Domingo, and the western and southern regions became a captaincy-general under the viceroyalty of Peru.

Settlement of the colony was hampered by constant wars with the Amerindians, which did not stop until after a smallpox epidemic in Meanwhile, the province was carved into encomiendas hereditary grantswhich were given to the conquistadores as rewards.

By the end of the century, however, the encomienda system was abandoned, and existing grants were declared illegal. The cabildos, or town councils, won more authority, and a national consciousness began to develop. Inthe western and southern provinces were incorporated into the viceroyalty of New Granada, and inthe area of present-day Venezuela became a captaincy-general of Caracas.

The war for independence against Spain began in Francisco de Miranda "El Precursor"a military adventurer, was named leader of the Congress of Cabildos, which declared the independence of Venezuela on 5 July Royalist factions rallied to overthrow the new republic, which was weakened when an earthquake destroyed revolutionary strongholds and left royalist centers virtually untouched.

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He then led an army across the Andes into Venezuela, declaring "War to the death and no quarter to Spaniards. He was defeated and forced to flee to Jamaica, as the royalists again took control of the capital. He was aided by Gen.

InVenezuela seceded from Gran Colombia. The next dictator, Cipriano Castro —was a colorful, if controversial, figure. A drunkard and a libertine, Castro also put Venezuela deeply into debt.With member countries, staff from more than countries, and offices in over locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

Why Is Venezuela in Crisis? My own and others’ research shows that the reality is far more complex, (e.g. toilet paper, toothpaste, flour, etc.) by private producers opposed to the.

Venezuela - Research Paper

Free venezuela papers, essays, and research papers. The Role of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela - The Role of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela Introduction Venezuela is a late bloomer in regard to having complete independence and in terms of running its own democratic government.

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THE THIRD WORLD NATION OF VENEZUELA Venezuela, officially Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is the sixth largest country in South America, unique in landscape, flora, fauna, and wild life that rival the larger nations in South America.

VENEZUELA [1] LOCATION, SIZE, AND EXTENT [2] TOPOGRAPHY [3] CLIMATE [4] FLORA AND FAUNA [5] The National Council of Scientific and Technological Research Imported paper towels, toilet tissue, Kleenex, etc.

are available in the commissary.

Venezuela - Research Paper