What famous place would you like

And no one knows Singapore food better than local Singaporeans. So when I visited SingaporeI knew I needed your help to decide what and where to eat in Singapore. I decided to publish a video, linking to this blog post, asking you the Migrationology.

What famous place would you like

Comment Link Monday, 18 June I am one of those people and I dream about meeting Barack Obama. He was born on August 4, in Honolulu, Hawaii, U. Now, he is Michelle Obama is his wife.

He was not just the first African-American president, but also one of the few who show great determination to carry out their plans to improve our nation. Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has been an advocate for women.

Believing education is what brings about the strength of a nation, Obama has set a goal for the U. He has increased federal funding and doubled the amount of grant money allocated to students seeking a higher education to cover rising tuition costs.

Obama has done lot of things for the environment. His policies and initiatives for a clean energy economy have had an incredible impact on the future of the nation. For instance, the U. He established the largest marine reserve in the world, In September In MarchObama established the first shoreline addition to the monument, which consists of 20, rocks, islands, exposed reefs and pinnacles along 1, miles of Northern California's coast.

What famous place would you like

He established the largest ocean sanctuary on the planet. Comment Link Tuesday, 22 August He changed America using non-violent protests. He made it so all people could sit and go whereever they wanted.

He managed to bring all people, whether they are black or white together. His impact will always be felt in the united states an all over the world.

Comment Link Wednesday, 02 August He is most passionate, enthusiastic and hard working actor in the whole film industry all over the world.

To give much more evidence on why I would like to meet this very famous person, I would like to analyze his both personal and professional life. Shah Rukh Khan was born in a middle class family.

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He studied in St. Columbia School and received the school's highest award, the Sword of Honour. In his youth he acted in several stage plays and received praise for his performance.

His father died when he was just For starting his career, he had to go to Film City which was far from his house.

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But, Being in such a poor condition he couldn't afford to go there. Shah Rukh Borrowed 50 rupees 1 Dollar money from friend to go there and now he has million dollar Property.Feb 21,  · The only thing more famous than You know it's coming piled high with a mountain of perfect fresh-cut fries whether you like it or not.

Peppermill's been the place in Vegas where you . Here is a collection of our favorite short life quotes that will inspire you to live your life like the great human you are.

This is a curated sub-category. Check out our full collection of life quotes. How many of the most famous landmarks in the world have you experienced?

Landmarks from six continents. Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend,” and 50 famous people also had choice and lasting words for our four-legged colleagues. But still an answer is required than it will be those places where I can enjoy the the richness of craftsmanship, in the form of splendid and majestic monuments like Palaces, Forts, Minarets, caves and sculptures that has been the interests since their construction.

Essay topics: what famous place would you like to visit? use details and reasons to support your response. Submitted by zeezoo on Mon, 07/22/ - One of the most famous places that have its own luster that dazzle the eyes is Paris.

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